Friday Fuckery: Blame It On the Deuce

Chan Ho Park, New York Yankees Pitcher. When asked about his lackluster performance during his first appearance of the season, he was just like, BOOM! with the real talk.  This guy gets an A+ for honesty.

I mean, we’ve all been in the situation where (y’know what I’m talkin ’bout, New Yorkers and heavy commuters) where our ability to perform or enjoy life to the utmost is hampered by an immediate and overpowering urge to join the privy party. Many o’ time have I had to sadly cut a fun night short and sprint up my 7 flights of stairs clutching my bottom like they do in the cartoons. Don’t act like you’re above it!

I’m just thankful I didn’t catch a sudden case of the beer/milkshake/nervous shits while wearing a bum-hugging baseball uniform in front of tens of thousands of people. If you ask me, it’s a perfectly sound explanation for giving up three runs. Chan Ho had runs of another nature to attend to (Haw! See what I did there?)

And I do appreciate Park’s nonchalant, unflappable candor about the whole thing. And how he keeps…repeating…it.  In fact! I think this kinda thing takes real courage; commendable gumption. Speak truth to power, brother!


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