I Wish I Liked Vietnamese Music, I Do.

I really, really do. I want to enjoy my parents’ Asia and Paris by Night videos. I do. And I want to listen to the hot Vietnamese American Ca Si‘s out there singing ABBA remakes cause that’s what my parents love:

Cause life would be SO MUCH easier for me. It would mean I could spend that much more time hanging out with my parents watching Korean dramas Vietnamese music concerts when I’m at visiting home instead of sitting upstairs cutting my wrists, listening to an Elliot Smith radio station on Pandora listening to the new Drake collabo with a Young Money Millionaire.

I admit it, it must be some sort of self hate issue I have that allows me to enjoy (tongue firmly in cheek) a J/C/T/K-pop concert while at a boba tea place, but dammnit, do not make me sit through lipsyncing, lypo’d, collagen yietnamee songstresses doing a dance routine to Madonna’s vogue 20 years after it was in vogue.

And congrats to Xtine, 1/2 of Purity, for making it big in the OC concert video game. You’ve come along way from Karaoking my graduation party.


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