The Reverse Cash Warren Complex

AzN has written about his spitefulness towards Cash Warren in the past. The theory is, no one is good enough to date Jessica Alba. So when I was watching this week’s episode of Parks and Recreation for my Aziz-fix, I decided to Google who Rashida Jones was dating. I unfairly assumed that the Harvard-educated, (almost) future sister-in-law of 2Pac, back-up vocalist to Maroon 5, daughter of Quincy Jones/Julie from the Mod Squad would be dating a Cash Warren-type. ummmm. No. You know how we like all of Barack Obama’s speeches? Yes, they all come from the President’s head and his mouth, but meet the man that Obama calls his “mindreader”, aka, Jon Favreau (not THAT Jon Favreau), Obama’s Director of Speechwriting (my first thought was, HE has a director of speechwriting???):

Yes, Rashida Jones went from Spider-Man (only fanboys know how to spell Spider-Man correctly) to Mark Ronson to Seth Meyers to John Krasinski to Jon “You want to be me more than you want to be Cash Warren” Favreau. And you know what? I thought I’d be jealous of HIM, but it turns out, I’m a little jealous of HER. Pause.

Extra points for being under 30, Jon. And for getting caught with this photo on your Facebook. To NOT cup Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s boob during a kegger is UN-AMERICAN (not the reverse).


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