Kappa Phi Lambda: Sluttin It Up for A Good Cause

Woops. Looks like a certain sorority was called out today for its er, creative and probably inappropriate fundraising methods. Bust Magazine‘s Feminizzle blog contributor Jamie Doak tells the tale of being asked by a member of Kappa Phi Lambda if she would like to “help stop sex trafficking” (campus unspecified). Doak was then handed a flyer with “twelve very sultry women dressed in super short sexy Navy uniforms…inviting me to a party at a bar downtown.  The theme? ‘Women in the Forces: Independent Women Get Out on the Dance Floor. Ladies Suit Up in Your Uniforms.'” And who will the proceeds benefit? The  Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and NAPAWF (National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum).

Chichis for Charity

Image from Bust website

Forgive my ignorance of all things pan-hellenic…in school I generally avoided the Greeks (well, except in high school, but that’s a story for another day).  There was nothing in Doak’s post explicitly indicating that this was an Asian-related event (for which I give her props).  But the fact that the proceeds would go to NAPAWF flagged me to do a google search and some racial profiling on Kappa Phi Lambda….and viola! I learned it’s a pan-Asian sorority with chapters in 12 states.

I have to wonder if this particular chapter’s methods were approved by or even known to NAPAWF and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, but as a former NAPAWF member, I would venture to say the org would find it problematic, in the least.

I see ladies hussied up like they’re on the ho stroll all the frickin’ time…for free! At least this is raising money towards a good cause! Really tho, this is in bad taste in a sad and ironic and totally oblivious sort of way. Chicks willingly pimping themselves out to get money to stop the pimpin’ out of other women. And the circle is complete. What do they even teach these kids in Gender Studies 101 nowadays? Anyhooz, do you think Doak’s analysis is too high ‘n’ mighty? Do the ends justify the means?


3 thoughts on “Kappa Phi Lambda: Sluttin It Up for A Good Cause

  1. “do you think Doak’s analysis is too high ‘n’ mighty? Do the ends justify the means?”

    I don’t know … I only looked at this post cuz of the hussy in the photo.


  2. I actually received that flyer, and if I remember correctly the flyer just had a popular girl group from korea on it. I think that crazy feminist took the flyer to the extreme. I did attend the party also. First off, there were no sexy girls at the party dressed up in THOSE uniforms. I find this vulgar. I think they did a good job at informing people about this issue.


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