Model Minorites: Brother Sharp

Lemme just start this post by sayin’: DERELICTE!!!

Best movie ever made aside, this is pretty unbelievable: a mentally unstable homeless man in Ningbo has unwittingly (and unwillingly, judging from his reaction to being approached by fans) become a model and fashion icon.

Specifically, thousands of online admirers — who’ve dubbed him “Brother Sharp and China’s Coolest Man” —  swoon over his rakish movie-star looks and unconventional fashion sense (marked by a splash of ladies’ haberdashery), a unique look he’s cultivated via…dumpster diving. And being starving and cold and insane.

Seriously people, STFU. This includes you, Vivienne Westwood, with your horribly tasteless “Fashion Made Homeless” runway collection.

Fashion Made Horrible

And you, scrubby, smelly, irony-obsessed, L-train-infesting hipsters.

Yeah, maybe Brother Sharp bears a passing resemblance to Takeshi Kaneshiro, and his ensemble is a cut above duct-taped garbage bags and shredded sweats, but can someone just give a flying fark about this guy’s basic needs?

Thanks Char Char!


One thought on “Model Minorites: Brother Sharp

  1. Thank you! I am so glad you said this. I was absolutely distressed hearing about this guy. And people are leaving him homeless just so he could dig up the next fashion trend. Skeevy. And oh I love you for your smelly hipster L-train infesting comments! ha! And please get out of chinatown too — it ain’t LoHo it’s chinatown now get the F out!


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