sxsw Day 1

Not much to report back other than everyone here is HELLA nice and apparently from Oklahoma mostly. Or NY/LA. Went to another go-to bar, which happens to be the same go-to bar in LA/NY/SF:

Beauty Bar: Texas Style

I really appreciate how everyone down here drinks their local beer, Lone Star, which is probably the worst beer I’ve ever had. But I guess its the Texas-mentality of liking your shit more than other people’s shit. You wanna taste a bottle of Lone Star? Just buy a bottle of Miller High Life, pour our its contents, and then pour in one part Bud Light and one part Texas tap water (which is horrid), and there you have it. Enjoy! What else does aZn have planned this trip? A secret meeting with an Asian American prof and an interview with Maya, the drummer of The Colourist for BcB favorite: Made Jewelry. Stay tuned, depending on how much free Lone Star I can get out of party promoters (yeah, I’d drink it if it was free), this may be the one and only post on sxsw.

An acoustic set by The Colourist:


One thought on “sxsw Day 1

  1. That’s too bad about Alex Chilton passing away just before Big Star was to perform on that Saturday nite.

    For a cult figure, he sure had a huge impact/influence on a lot of bands.

    And doesn’t anyone drink Shiner Bock beer down there? I’d much rather have that than Lone Star.


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