SxSW Part II

Today, AzN will once again venture to SxSW this year in the wonderfully amazing, most un-Texan city of all: Austin (don’t remind us we’re in the state of) Texas. Although last year’s trip included an “urban” ballet, romps with various American Apparel employees and more BBQ’s and steaks three grown men can handle, this year’s will be better planned, better (wo)man’d, and include actual direct flights to Austin on the infamous nerd bird (no more roadtrips from San Antonio or Houston). Also new this year, AzN will be joint blogging for Made Jewelry and P is for Props (depending on the content) live via iPhone. Although I can’t promise much content in the blogs, I can promise weird, creepy drunk tweets on the BcB Twitter feed. And for those of you not familiar with the great City of Austin, capital of the Nation of Texas, peep this trailer from a doc titled The First Echotone:


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