The Price of Beauty: Jessica Simpson in Thailand

Jessica Simpson’s new show The Price of Beauty premiered last night on VH1, in which Jess and her BFFs hairstylist Ken Paves and ??? Caca Cobb travel the world to explore “how different cultures define beauty and the extraordinary lengths that women will go to in order to achieve it.” Sounds like an interesting storyline, however the “cultural ambassadors” — if you will — could make a big difference here, so…..Hoo Boy.

For the inaugural ep, Jess & Co. ventured to Thailand — where they marveled at the neck-stretching tradition of Kayan women and spoke with a former singer permanently disfigured by skin-whitening creams.

They also made sure to fit in some constructive time for giggling during meditation led by a Buddhist monk, and for fried bug eating and gross-out to the MAX!ing (it was accompanied by very dramatic and very public gagging). I’m not sure what the latter especially has to do with delving into beauty standards, but rather seems like your standard look-how-weird-these-people-are-and-the-nasty-stuff -they-eat easy laffs schtick. Oh well, keep in mind this is coming from a person who once turned down buffalo wings on the basis that she doesn’t eat buffalo meat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Jezebel — which has more clips and good commentary here.


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