Model Minority: American Apparel Starts Bedding Asian Models

AA did it again. They’re selling bedding now. To make more money? Cause folks want American-made, sweat factory-free bedding? Hell nah, its so they can put Asian models in provocative photos like this (in bed!):

Check out the King Sheet Sets and Twin Sheet Sets for the Asian models that look

A. Barely legal
B. Super Hipster
C. High as a kite in a bubble.

Thank you AA CEO Dov Charney. Just when I thought you couldn’t exploit and fetishize Asian American females any more than you normally do, you take the same half naked models in compromising positions and throw them in a bed (we get it, you like to bed your models).

PS. Is it me, or do the sheets only come in guys’ colors? Grey and white? Presumably so you can wash them with your colored laundry or your whites, guys?


6 thoughts on “Model Minority: American Apparel Starts Bedding Asian Models

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  3. If AA wasn’t using Asian/half-Asian models for these ads, then would there be the same outrage? I doubt that if a blonde haired, blue eyed, Barbie type were in such an ad that anyone would say anything about it. Why is AA singled out and not, say, Victoria’s Secret? I don’t recall Victoria’s Secret ever having an Asian/half-Asian model – ever. And how many Asian/half-Asian models do you see featured in ads, billboards, et cetera, by other popular clothing brands? Asian/half-Asian women should be pleased to see more Asian/half-Asian faces in advertising in the US media. And they should be happy that many find them attractive.


    • Putting the race and gender issue aside, you don’t see how ridiculous it is to use Asian American women half naked and bent over to sell bed sheets?


    • Actually, people have called out American Apparel for their overall sexist imagery, which would include “Barbie types”. And Victoria’s Secret does have an Asian runway model (it’s first Asian model was Liu Wen in 2009, joined by Sui He in 2011). While I understand the benefit of having more diverse models in fashion to challenge traditional notions and representations of beauty, sexualization and fetishism of women of color is another matter entirely.

      As a half Asian woman, I am absolutely not “pleased” or “happy” to be equally objectified (or more) as white women, and it’s insulting to imply that we should be grateful for the honor of equal opportunity ogling. If this how Asian women should be measuring our progress, then No Thank You. When it comes to racial/sexual validation bestowed by white men and hipsters, I have zero fucks to give.


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