Friday Fuckery: Who’s Bad? Jim Yong Kim!

A little something to get your weekend started off right.

Despite a rather lackluster performance by Dartmouth’s version of GLEE, you gotta appreciate any MJ tribute….especially when the voice behind Vincent Price’s Thriller interlude is none other than Dartmouth’s President Jim Yong Kim! The coolest school admin evah makes his grand entrance in full MJ gear, including white socks and one bedazzled glove.  Jim then proceeds to get funkay with some spins and head swerves…..And maybe even sticks around a little tooo long.

This makes me wanna be president of something prestigious just so I can go around acting unexpectedly hip and upstage stuff all day long.

And Jim is also the co-founder of Partners in Health, the org that set up health clinics in Haiti in the ’80s and was one of the leading agencies providing on-the-ground relief after the earthquake (donations and volunteers still needed!). I think this guy should get a “Best Person On the Face Of The Planet” Award.


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