The Last Airbender: More Gripes

I know the whole “there’s no lead Asians” in the movie thing has been beaten to death. This isn’t what I was thinking about when I decided to write this. I just rewatched Slumdog Millionaires again and goddamnit it makes me so damn angry I ALMOST HAD TO USE KANYE FONT but decided against it. Hollywood takes the most famous Indian American director ever, M. Night Shyamalan, throws in the most famous Indian Brit actor today, Dev Patel, tosses in $250 million (for the trilogy, yea, they’re making three) and what you get is The Last Airbender. Really? You know how much Slumdog cost to make? $15 million. You can make 16.7 Slumdog Millionaires for the price of 3 Last Airbenders. To this day I still don’t know why M. Night would turn down Life of Pi for this crap just cause of the twisted ending stigma that he blew up in his last two movies anyway… And the freaking protagonist of Life of Pi is from the same damn city as M. Night: Pondicherry, India. How much more of a cosmic hint do you want M!


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