I Can Haz Minimum Wage?

Looks like Ben Huh, founder and CEO of the wildy successful Seattle-based Cheezburger Network (parent company of cult meme sites like LOLcats/I Can Has Cheezburger and FailBlog) is in a bit of hot water over his alleged labor practices.

Also a former member of Jamiroquai

Some have called out Huh and his wife (pictured above — also the HR Manager) on paying employees at or slightly above minimum-wage ($8.55), unpaid overtime, and severe workplace culture.

This ValleyWag article provides more anecdotes from people who say they are former Cheezburger Network employees.

Cheapskate, shrewd businessman, or someone folks just love to hate? Pleez contribute your comments in the LOLcats vernacular only.

via Gawker


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