Friday Fuckery: Find a Roomate for Dr. Chynn!

Wow. This is just…wow. Gawker brings us a post they’ve dubbed the “Best Roommate Ad Ever”…from none-other-than infamous eye surgeon Dr. Emil Chynn (who once had an ice-statue made of his beloved dog Hershey):

Titled “FREE STUDIO ON PARK AVE FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANT!”, the post offers a free studio apartment in the basement of his office building in exchange for services as a “personal assistant.” (Women only!) Including: Spending an hour “either walking on my back… or if you are more than 115, you can just give me a deep masage.” Plus, helping him tidy up “my ski house, my beach house, or my other beach house.” Also, finding him a girlfriend: “Part of your assignment will probably be to reactivate my profile and troll for dates for me, as i don’t really have the time to do this properly.” A daunting task, but if you succeed in finding Chynn a woman he eventually marries, you are richly rewarded—by his parents: “my parents will give you a reward of $10,000 in cash, ie bills, so that’s a bonus!” We have spent enough time researching Dr. Chynn to suspect this is likely true. Chynn states that your duties as his personal assistant do not include “ANYTHING SEXUAL.”

Gives so much and asks so little

Like I said– WOW…….what a freakin’ BARGAIN! New York rents being what they are, I may just apply for this gig myself. I’m already quite adept at “trolling” the internets and bars for boos, and moving crap from one spot to another in multiple beach and/or ski houses don’t sound half bad. And this wouldn’t be the first time someone has requested that I step on them with platforms…although my pesky habit of relentless snacking may disqualify me from that 115lb weight limit. But that “deep masage”… as a certifiable germaphobe, I’mma need a few more specs on that one. Does it require skin-to-skin contact? Can I use a prosthetic hand in lieu of my own? How about a 10-foot-pole? Good luck with that one, Dr. Emil Chynn!


5 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Find a Roomate for Dr. Chynn!

    • Going on almost 2 years since having LASEK and I can honestly say everything is going very well. Extremely happy to have went to Park Avenue Laser Vision in New York City that specifically specializes in LASEK. Let that be said again. LASEK, not the obsolete and much more risky Lasik ( which has a potential flap complication that nobody would want ).

      There’s many good things about Park Avenue Laser Vision. Their number one concern is the safety and satisfaction of their patients which is why they ONLY DO LASEK that DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY CUTTING!!

      They have monthly seminars to educate potential patients who are interested in living life WITH perfect vision and WITHOUT glasses and contacts.

      They are involved with many charity events and give away 1 FREE laser surgery every single year.

      Their staff is run by Medical Doctors who are very experienced.

      Their facility is upscale, professional, quiet, clean and overall advanced.

      And the fact that they require all parents to return to the center almost a half dozen times on your behalf to make sure you are doing well and following your post operative instructions correctly validates how thorough they are in the entire process.

      Dr. Emil Chynn is an excellent opthamologist who is very top notch.

      I recommend him to all of my friends who are interested in getting quality laser eye surgery at a very affordable cost.


  1. My name is Anna Peng, and I was hired by a PA by Dr. Chynn. I don’t know why everything on the web is perverted and twisted into something sortid by people with dirty minds–those who are blameless should cast stones…

    First of all, Dr. Chynn, as the #1 LASEK surgeon in NYC (rated #1 by CBS News TV several years ago) is an extremely busy individual, with a MD from Columbia, a MBA from NYU, and is performing 1,000 cases a year! He has 4 homes and a large staff, so it is normal for a very successful guy like this to have a PA–and I’m sorry, most PAs are female, and yes, many are quite attractive (I don’t like to toot my own horn, but have been called “hot).

    As part of my PA duties, I had to buy a stove and sink and other appliances for the basement of Dr. Chynn’s office on Park Avenue South, which he was going to turn into a studio, so his staff could maybe shower and change if they needed to go out to a function after work, and anyone could crash overnight if working late.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t know that such part-time use would require co-op board approval, so once we knew this, we had to abandon this project, and he is now turning the downstairs into storage (with proper co-op and DOB approval, of course)

    As part of my duties, I did have to walk on Dr. Chynn’s back, but this was in the office in the waiting room, after patients left, and while his staff was still there. I had my socks on, and it’s not something sortid like he wanted me to pleasure him walking in my stilettos or something!:;)

    In addition–full disclosure–I am, like Dr. Chynn, Asian, and he told me up-front that he is not in any way attracted to Asian women (just like I am only into white guys, I guess).

    Yes, I also spent about an hour a day trolling for dates for him on, for which he paid me $100 per date set-up. This is because he is very busy, and has time to go on a date, but not to troll the internet for the dozens of hours it takes to find a decent date on match!

    I really think the bitch (sorry) who posted this about him AND ME is a petty person, the kind who always assumes the WORST about people. Does this bitch even stop to CONSIDER she may be UNFAIRLY DEFAMING BOTH HIM AND ME? Of course not–because she is a bitch!

    By the way, Dr. Chynn donates a free LASEK EVERY YEAR to a worthy charity, and has raised over $100,000 for various charities over the years in this way–including the Dartmouth Club of NY, Mt. Sinai Medical Student Free Community Health Clinic, V-Day to Prevent Violence Against Women, and Pups for Peace, to train bomb-sniffing dogs to help safeguard Israel from terrorists. Great target to defame, right?

    If you don’t believe me, why not try this:
    a. call his office at 212-71-8628 or email his marketing coordinator at
    b. say you have an IRS-recognized charity you want to support
    c. they will email you their standard donation form
    d. you have to then come to their office to discuss everything
    e. as long as it’s a halfway normal charity (like World Wildlife, not Aryan Nation, as Dr. Chynn is really more Democrat than Republican), he will be MORE THAN HAPPY TO DONATE HIS TIME AND HARVARD AND COLUMBIA EXPERTISE AND THE $1,000 IN CASH IT COSTS HIM TO DO THE FREE CASE to your charity and even coach you on how to raise up to $10,000 on this one donation item

    so peace out, and next time you want to defame someone on the internet, bitch, why don’t you slap yourself and GET A LIFE!


  2. I have known Emil since he was in medical school. He is a wonderful friend and great doctor. During the time i have know him i have seen the best qualities. It is a pleasure to know him.


  3. I am not so sure what to say about all of this but it is pretty sad that someone would take the time to speak so badly about this Doctor. He is amazing! He is very sweet and genuine. Very helpful and amazing at hwat he does. He should be judged on that instead.
    Everyone can have a bad day or be upset about something; it happens to the best of us, and what is so wrong with ranting!
    All I know is that he is very sweet and he helped me with my sight and I am grateful for it.


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