The Goonies Quote-Along at Central Cinema Seattle

Why don’t you make a whole PNW trip out of it? First, head out to Seatown and check out the Goonies movie quote-along at Central Cinema Seattle: Friday March 5 through Sunday March 7, 2010 (9:30 shows are 21+, so I’m thinking you should pick that one).

Then take the quick 2.5 hour drive down to Astoria, Oregon and check out the location where the movie was shot. Stand in front of the jail the Fratelli brothers escaped from, check out Mikey’s dad’s museum, or better yet, check out Data’s house (which is actually located next door to Mikey’s house. swear).

Why do all of this? Cause the 25th anniversary is coming up (June 4-7 in Astoria), and if you wanna show up to Astoria to meet Corey Feldman, you’re gonna have to be familiar with the town and know all the lines from the movie to be prepared. duh.


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