RiceBunny Returns

We’ve introduced her to you before as a Jesus loving, Vietnamese American make-up expert coming out of Flo Rida. But now she’s back, and she’s ruffling a bit more than our feathers these days. Sure, it was cute and all to show females how to apply make-up around black thick rimmed glasses. great. Its also great you’re teaching our children how to dress up like a poor man’s Fergie Lady Gaga.

But now you’re teaching folks how to dress up like a Geisha?!

Don’t you know what this will do to the grown perverted old white men little girls that watch your YouTube channel? Geisha is up there with Japanese school girl and Final Fantasy CosPlay for fetishists! Can’t you teach them something that doesn’t fetishize Asian folks? Or maybe something that empowers our people? Like how to be a Ninja?

Damn. Forget I even mentioned it.


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