Nari, Will You Be My 아내, 여자 ?

I know you’re married (to this guy), but I thought I’d ask anyway. Just in case. Even though you are apparently much in love with your boy, judging by this love song video you made and put on YouTube:

Its worth the embarrassment to ask, just cause you were in one of the best No Reservations episodes ever (Bourdain in Korea) and popped up in a cameo in the Vancouver episode eatin wasabi covered JAPA Dogs with Bourdain. And now that I know you have your very own foodie-style blog called Nyam Nyam (Korean for Nom Nom?), I’m sprung. You’re getting ready to review EVERY Korean restaurant on 32nd Street (all-you-can-eat food and beer happy hour anyone?) and you’re making some weird foodie review/cooking shows online:

So yea, Nari Kye, I’ll keep refreshing your Facebook page until you’re single. F5. F5. F5. F5.


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