An Olympic Oh No She Didn’t!

I don’t know who Scotty Lago is (bronze medalist in snowboarding – thanks TMZ!) — but I don’t need to in order to comprehend what’s wrong with this picture:

I thought the Westminster Dog Show was in New York?

For shame, Scotty, and an even bigger FOR SHAME on that Asian chick, who don’t even have the good sense to go for the GOLD. But what I find even more offensive is Scotty’s side tat there. Nothing says “douche” like a frat boy who tries to look hard by getting a cliched cholo tattoo.  Scotty, you’re an fuckin’ Olympic medalist in snowboarding, arguably one of the whitest, most privileged sports around. Anyhoo, I’m getting distracted here….Unidentified Asian girl: You thoroughly trounced the competition in the sport of Looking Like a Bronze-Diggin’ Hoebag/Lapdog. Congrats!

Thanks Sherdizz!


5 thoughts on “An Olympic Oh No She Didn’t!

  1. I don’t see not one thing wrong with this picture. We all have done something like this probably even worst when we all were in college. If anyone got offended watching this picture, than they need to go watch Captain Kangaroo. Do away with your internet site and your computer. You are a Candy! Not one thing wrong with this picture for a 22 year old having fun with an accomplishment many WISH they were doing it!
    As for me, I’m supporting Scotty and if the Olympic Committee makes any further actions about it, I’ll be the first to never watch another event from them.


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  3. Alright David Sturt – (and this is assuming that your comment wasn’t sarcastic), then it sounds like you’d have no prob with yo momma or your lil’ sis or your girlfriend having the kind of upstanding, good fun pictured here. You’d probably give them a high five for supporting Scotty in their own way.


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