Seriously China Chow? Steve Coogan? Seriously?

China Chow and Steve Coogan. Really?

Not since Kevin Kline married and knocked up Phoebe Cates have I been so stunned. Is Coogan really that great? Sure, he’s famous in the UK… and funny, but isn’t that like being famous in Asia, which a lot of people are? Isla Fisher and Sasha Baron Cohen I get, the guy got a masters degree from doing Borat and has hit movies and looks somewhat normal. Ricky Gervais pretty much reinvented American sitcoms. And Simon Pegg was in Star Trek. You, Coogan, are famous in the UK and did a brief cameo in Tropic Thunder and starred in the highly offensive okay comedic rip-off of Dangerous Minds, Hamlet 2 (and let’s not forget starring opposite Jackie Chan in Around the World in 80 Days). You are 45 years old and somehow landed the only reason to watch The Big Hit. I would LIKE to say I don’t think Coogan has an Asian fetish, but the latest Maxim has you ogling an Asian extra on set of your new movie. And I’d like to say you’re gonna treat China Chow well, but you’re already known for f’n hookers, doing coke, and partying like crazy in the UK (even supposedly supplying and pushing your friend Owen Wilson to the point of suicide). Plus, you a baby daddy. So I see no silver lining in China Chow picking you cause worst case scenario, you end up inheriting Mr Chow Restuarants you bastard. On top of this, China left Keanu Reeves for you, a fellow mixie Asian for Coogan. Fail.


6 thoughts on “Seriously China Chow? Steve Coogan? Seriously?

  1. Vietnamese people do it all the time, folks named Viet and Nam all over the place. There should be more Asian folks named after their countries, like Bhutan or Philippines.


  2. Yeah but have you ever met a Chinese dude named China? Or Chino? In the case of naming your kid “China” or “Asia”, seems like exotification to me.


  3. What’s so great about her? He mustve been high when they met. He can do better,seeing hookers,partying and such isn’t a great thing 4 his kid 2 seem.I bet they won’t last long.she looks like a hooker


  4. If she didn’t mind that Marky Mark beat a Vietnamese immigrant’s eye out of his head (yes, his victim is partially blind forever), then she is not going to care if this guy is into prostitutes and drugs.


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