Adding BYU and Utah to the PAC-10? Say What?

Editors Note: Although BcB is entirely PAC-10 (undergrads), the following views are completely AzNs, and include some hating on the Mormon Church.

An expansion to the PAC-12? Utah and Colorado, sure fine. I love SLC and would like to hang out with, umm, folks at Boulder, I mean Denver. But BYU? Jesus Christ! of Later Day Saints. We know we don’t want you, YOU guys know we don’t want you:

“It became very clear [in discussions with the Pac-10] that what we were dealing with was good old-fashioned religious discrimination that was masquerading as academic snobbery”

The question is, WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT US? Seriously? It is all about the money? Being eligible for the Rose Bowl yearly? Do you really want to be in the same conference as Berkeley and Tempe and Westwood and Crenshaw?! I’ve been to Provo, and Provo is NOT Seattle. It’s not even Eugene or Corvallis. Its 17 year old moms with 4 kids at the mall. Its a giant statue of Brigham Young and his miracle Book of Morman in the middle of campus. Its Polynesian cats making up all the minorities on campus. Do you want to be in the same campus as 10 schools that are more or less against Proposition 8, a CALIFORNIA proposition that your church funded? Not to the mention the ONE school that is the antithesis to yours?

If we’re looking at this as purely athletics, sure, fine. You have all the non-major sports on lock and the bball and football programs are great. But research? It takes more than 3.9 high school GPAs to convince me that you’re willing to be in a conference that has scientific research that probably goes against your “Book” 90% of the time. Is that a Jesus horse skeleton in VLSB? No F’N ish we don’t think you’re academically up to par, you’re religious zealots. We don’t believe in magic beans and saving Polynesians with promises of multiple wives!

“Stanford, Cal-Berkeley and one or two others would absolutely have a heart attack if BYU was admitted into the Pac-10”

Yea, the only thing a Bear and a Cardinal can agree on is that we ain’t going to away games in PROVO FREAKING UTAH.

“But BYU’s other issues, such as its owner’s highly publicized role in California’s Prop. 8 referendum, and its perceived crackdowns on academic freedom among its professors and students is said to not play well among the people who will be ultimately making the Pac-10’s decision — the presidents and chancellors of its 10 member schools.”

So please, I beg you PAC-10. Don’t let BYU in. We already get the Utah market with Utah, and I would prefer a PAC-11 over a PAC-12 if it means I have to deal with Mormans wandering the streets of Telegraph Ave, disgusted and awed by the beautiful filth we wallow in before every game at Memorial/Haas. And I don’t really care about keeping the symmetry of bringing in an entire state and rivalry. Forcing a Colorado/Utah rivalry is more realistic than anyone on the west coast caring about BYU.

PS. If you add Texas, oh Jesus would I start sending in money to the athletic department… yearly visits to Austin would be a dream come true.


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