The “Yellow Line” in the ATL Will Lead You To CTown.

For the same reason why Chicago didn’t name the Red “L” train that runs through the Southside of Chicago the BLACK line, you don’t name the damn train that runs through Atlanta’s Asian neighborhood (Doraville) the “Yellow” line. Coincidentally, the Red Line goes up to a Native American reservation and the Green Line goes through an Irish Catholic neighborhood and the Blue Line goes to Pandora.

Calling it the “Gold” line doesn’t help either, cause its still a yellow hue. Why don’t you just try a different color completely MARTA (Metro Atlanta Regional Transit Authority)? Or you can always rename your Transit Authority the Kross Line Atlanta Network (or The KLAN for short).

Thanks ePanda, I can’t wait till we roll through Atlanta and take the “Gold” line to Doraville for some good sticky buns!


One thought on “The “Yellow Line” in the ATL Will Lead You To CTown.

  1. Growing up in NYC, one can’t help but notice the coincidence that the MTA subway’s yellow lines (N,Q,R,W) pass through Asian neighborhoods. But it is a coincidence, and there’s no reason to change the color.


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