Seattle Guards Watch Girl Get Beatdown

OK, it’s no surprise to me that one could get jumped at a Metro station in my hometown…but having the security guards uselessly stand around while a 15-year-old girl gets her purse jacked and head brutally kicked in? I know they were unarmed civilian guards following policy to “observe and report” and not try to stop fights or crimes, but is there a policy against protecting people or providing the “security” that supposedly merits the job title?! WTF?!

And what about the SPD officers that refused the girl’s request to escort her to the bus tunnel when she noticed her attackers following her in the Macy’s just above? This lameass policy better get changed and somebody better get shitcanned, sued, or hopefully both.


2 thoughts on “Seattle Guards Watch Girl Get Beatdown

  1. WTF is the point of having guards in the first place then? No one needs to hire a damn rent a cop to dial 911 if there’s a crime going on, anyone can do that! I would stop that fight and then punch each rent a cop in the face if i was there!


  2. I was horrified and outraged by the video when I first saw it. If I were one of the security guards at the scene of the fight, it would be my duty, not as a guard but as a human being, to intervene and stop it. Job be damned, they should be extremely guilt ridden for not having done anything at all.


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