Asian Americans One of Most Liberal Ethnic Groups in US

A recent Gallup poll reports that Asian Americans are:

Generally more Democratic and considerably less conservative than the rest of the U.S. population. In 2009, 61% of Asian-Americans leaned toward the Democrats, as compared to 49% of the total population.”

Only 24% of Asian-Americans lean Republican. 31% of Asian-Americans are liberal (compared to 21% of all Americans), 46% are moderate (compared to 36% of all Americans) and 21% are conservative (compared to 40% of all Americans).

So fuck those Crash and Joy Luck Club stereotypes that all Asian Americans are socially conservative, ideologically close-minded, cantankerous traditionalists who only look out for themselves and hate gays and pretty much everyone else. Most of us are left-leaning progressives…even radical revolutionaries. And that don’t just apply to the Cal grads — but includes me and you…yo momma and your cuzin’ too.

And don’t forget our legacies in the Civil Rights, Third World, and AsAm Movements.  With Asian Americans the 2nd fastest growing minority in the US (the fastest in SoCal) — and projected to double in size between 1990 and 2010 — ya’ll better turn out to vote and the Repubes better run for the hills.


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