Gay Dating Website’s Super Bowl Ad Determined Too Gay for TV

For those of you enjoying the Colts vs Saints Super Bowl Sunday excitement this weekend (I’m talking about the ads, cause it was pretty obvious who the final teams would be), take a look at this ad for, a Canadian-based gay male dating website. Their ad was rejected by CBS for “financial reasons”. But we all know the reason why it was rejected by the network: cause its not ABC/cause the gay dudes are rocking Vikings and Packers jerseys cause it was too gay for America.

CBS, do you really think America is not ready for something like this? You can show two women fighting each other, ripping clothes off in a Budweiser ad, but you can’t show two guys who are barely making out? Coming from a network who’s best actor, two-time Emmy nominee Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother, is openly gay, I find it hypocritical and just plain unfair that you have a double standard that’s there to please Middle America. I’ll be sure to peep the commercials you DO approve to see what kind of ish you think American can handle.


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