Last Call at Poleng Lounge SF

I'll miss never having to wait in front (thanks Desi!)

Friday night felt like the last episode of Cheers. It was comforting to know there’d always be a place to drink and dance with fam, without the social pressure to meet girls or dress to impress. It simply was nice to go to a place where everyone did know your name. The cheap, always available parking across the street didn’t hurt either. With some of the most highly rated food in SF, Poleng had it all. So it saddens me to say that the last day of partying there was last Friday night, January 29, 2010. 3 and a half years of homegrown Filipino cooking and a splash of tapas plate servings of other Asian food, with a hint of hyphy and samba music. Last Friday marked the end of an era.

But for true fans of the crew that started Poleng, watch out, cause big things are coming in 2010. Plus, there’s always SOM Bar in the Mission, where everyone still knows our name.

Last Call at Poleng Lounge, can you spot AzN?


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