Friday Fuckery: Miterudake for Your Social Anxiety

A Japanese company has released a self-help DVD for shy/socially anxious types who need a little assistance in the romantic assertiveness (and eye contact) department.

Miterudake (Only Looking) for Lady” features clips of over 50 comely, boy-bandish lads staring into the camera and offering a reassuring  phrase, which is intended to help “Lady” overcome her shyness when being looked upon by boi.

The version for men has a similar format, albeit with a wider range of women – including – perhaps a bit disturbingly, an old meemaw and a  very young girlchild.

I don’t think I’d necessarily buy this for assertiveness purposes (my pally Stoli takes care of that for moi), but rather a romantical nite in the magical fantasy land of Cougartown. This version makes me think: “If Only”.

For you see, a “Miterudake for CBruhs” would need a few tweaks in order to reflect my reality. Instead of being gazed upon by PYTs with pleasing blowouts and sassy accessories, my video would feature ogling menfolk such as a gut-rubbing middle manager type, an over-emotive bum on the 6 train, and an angry, angry drag queen. And apparently because of this, I need a “how-to” video on making less eye contact with the general public.   

via Buzzfeed


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