Monks, Rhymes, and (Miller High) Life

Some Buddhist temples in Japan, facing potential closings, are using a few “unconventional” methods to boost attendance:
Vodpod videos no longer available.
What I wanna know is — to your average young folk in Japan — what do they think of this? Is it like Christian rock and rap in the US, which (in my opinion), strikes one as cheesy and suspect, perhaps partly due to its strong  underlying Evangelism? Or is it seen as a legitimate component of worship, like gospel and choir music in many African American churches?

Well, I don’t know what my Paw-Paw would make of this, but as a poorly-practicing Buddhist, I think it’s pretty boss. And any venue of worship that incorporates booze jibes nicely with my already devout regard for Jameson. Integrating bar and temple would definitely kill two birds with one martini for me.

But best thing about this by far is monk Kansho Tagai’s street moniker: “Mr. Happiness”. Recognize, Son!

Thanks Char Char!


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