Live-Action Akira Watch Begins

Back in 2008, the live-action Akira remake was dead. Killed. Not going to happen. Which I was fine with. Every suburban kid’s introduction to Japanimation should stay pure and untainted by Hollywood’s evil hands… Even worse was Hollywood’s colorblinded casting tendencies. They always see yellow for white, and apparently had Leonardo DiCaprio playing Kaneda:

And Joseph Gordan-Levitt set to play Tetsuo:

So why should we be worried now? Cause the writer for the Book of Eli penned the original script for Akira and now that he’s popular as the prettiest girl at the prom, his script is getting pushed. And it also helps, I’m sure, that JGL’s two most promising roles this year were Tetsuo-like characters (G.I. Joe, where he played a brother that turns evil and (500) Days of Summer where he joined Zach Braff as the voice of 20-something year old hipster dude angst).

So what can we do now? Should we wait until its too late so Hollywood can pull a Last Airbender/Dragonball Z on us? Or should we start building up steam for Asian American actors to be considered for the roles. Maybe we should start by finding our own Tetsuo and Kaneda. Suggestions? Which actors do you think can yell TETSUO!!!! and KANEDA!!!! like they really mean it? My choices? Aaron Yoo and Ken Leung. duh.

Yoo as Kaneda and Leung as Tetsuo. My choices.

Yoo as Kaneda and Leung as Tetsuo. My choices.


One thought on “Live-Action Akira Watch Begins

  1. “Colorblind casting” in practice means one thing: White racial cleansing Lite.

    One thing about White America, they just love to pimp somebody else’s culture–basically steal it–and insert themselves as the hero or protagonist.

    It’s pathetic. It’s conniving. It’s the great White Way!


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