Friday Fuckery: Asian Flush = Survival of the Fittest?

A recent article in Time Magazine outlines a new study in BMC Evolutionary Biology…it hypothesizes that Asian red glow due to alcohol consumption  — which we all know and lurv —  is an evolutionary advantage developed among early rice farmers to discourage drinking beyond moderation and prevent alcoholism (this is not the first study to suggest this). According to researchers, The Flush occurs in approximately half of Asian folx and up to 70% of Han Chinese alone.

Well, “research” with my own two eyeballs tells me that Asians the world over are a booze-luvin’, likka-guzzlin’ bunch (Flush be damned!) and along with the 70% of Chinese alone who should theoretically be found nowhere near the bottle — it just don’t add up. I mean, who was in their sample? Did they include Korean businessmen? Mah jong marathoners?  The Lambdas? Your last family reunion?

That's a big shot glass.

Seriously, a lot of people think Asians and Asian Americans have a much lower incidence of “social and physical ills” — whether it be domestic violence, health problems, or substance abuse — but you also gotta consider the cultural factors and community stigma that make us very good at hiding our shit. Otherwise, it’s just another version of the damaging Model Minority Myth.  

But anyhooz, this info about 70% of those with Southern Chinese heritage flashin’ The Flush is good to know — because armed with this knowledge, I can now more easily and effectively: 1) racially profile the most red-faced barfly at the club 2) insist that you’re my Cuzin, and 3) ask to borrow some money. For a cocktail, of course. Gom Bui!


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