Asian Emoticons: Egregious Kitties Edition

Behold: this wide-eyed, goth-dyed chick brings us a tutorial on “Asian” emoticons, focusing especially on ones having to do with big ass titties kitties.

“MissHannahMinx” demonstrates an assorted variety of Asian emoticons, including “shocked cat”, “sleepy cat”, and a repentant, “sorry-I’m-running-late” emoticon  — which of course wouldn’t be complete without a chinky bow. What about the “can-youz-cuvah-up-yr-jugz-I-think-I-haz-go-to jails-for-watchin-dis-hai-how-old-iz-yooz, twelve?” emoticon.

Unfortunately Missy Minx here almost ruined both cats and emoticons – which I’ve been using as a highly annoying yet handy crutch for expressing real feelings —  for me forever.  And besides, she — hey! Why are you watching it again? Okay, yeah. She’s pretty hot.  Maybe you should submit something.   =<“;0.0;”>=!!

via Buzzfeed


2 thoughts on “Asian Emoticons: Egregious Kitties Edition

  1. Honestly, that video had a high bizarre quotient to it:

    A White woman talking about “Asian emoticons” while using a few Japanese phrases and dressed up as a cat.

    Oh yeah, don’t forget the grey leg warmers and green shorts.

    And some groovy music on the soundtrack.

    At least she does have a fairly engaging personality.


  2. Dude. No girl with a rack like that could possibly be twelve. And while the bow is way the fuck over the top, this girl is smokin’ hot.

    Though I bet she’s a big hit at anime conventions, which make my brain bleed.


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