Mr. Gay China Pageant 86’d!

The Fuzz cockblocked what was going to be China’s first gay pageant on Friday, just an hour before the sold-out yet politically sensitive show was to commence, citing “procedural” reasons. Uh huh. We know that trick, eh? Like when authorities here target “undesirable”  businesses, clubs, and restaurants using health and building code violations as an excuse to get them out of the way.

Anyhoo, along with depriving Chinese residents from what was sure to be the most fucking glamorous astounding event ever witnessed (there was gonna be a fashion AND a drag show, you fools!), it’s even more disappointing that authorities tried to impede the Chinese struggle for wider acceptance of LGBTQ community members.

Although gay rights in China have come a long way since the communist revolution — when homosexuality was considered a disease and gay people were persecuted — sodomy was only decriminalized in 1997, and homosexuality was just removed from the official list of mental disorders in 2001. However, China’s first gay pride festival was held in Shanghai last June, along with a five-day Queer Film Festival in Beijing (which police blocked in 2001 and 2005).

photo by Ng Han Guan – AP

Eight men were competing for the title of Mr. Gay China, and a slot in  the Worldwide Mr. Gay pageant in Oslo. After the bust, someone movingly tagged on the wall: “The revolution has not succeeded, comrades need to work harder.” Apparently, comrade is also slang term for gays. You can’t stop THE TRUTH po-pos! Onward, comrades!

Thanks Baby Seal!


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