Alameda Beauty College: The Show

This is where I live. Alameda city. Its a small island paradise off the coast of Oakland. Its population is diverse, and includes many old-timey White residents in 2-story craftsman homes alongside people of color moving in from all over the East Bay. So it doesn’t surprise me that the Alameda Beauty College is in the news nowadays because of a stupid stunt pulled by the school’s new owners who are “white, naive suburbanites” trying to get rich and famous by pitching a reality show for the school.

From KTVU (peep here to watch a video news report) regarding the content of the show’s pitch, which was registered with the Writers Guild of America:

The document described the proposed show saying: “The students are mostly inner-city, unwed mothers taking advantage of government subsidies for a better life. The instructors can’t find any other job that offers ‘bennies’ [benefits]. The new owners are white, naive suburbanites bleeding cash and trying to keep it all under control.”

In situations like this, the owners should just shut up and move on you’d think. No. The married couple running the school keep mouthing off to defend themselves, but end up digging themselves deeper and deeper. Tracey Becker:

“It wasn’t meant to put these people on tv,” explained Becker. “If we were to do a reality show, everybody would sign a release.”

“These people”, Becker? Seriously? Please stop talking and consider selling the place and opening up a similar business in Antioch or Brentwood. A place for “people like you” (my quotes) to run a Beauty School reality show like an MTV Real World season: all-White.

from the legend herself: sherdizzle!


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