30 is the New 20 Part I: Dudescape to Dadscape

So I’m turning the Big Three-O in a few months. Which means I’ll be attending a lot of 30th bday parties this year. Which is a strange experience, because for every Vegas weekend of birthday XXX debauchery, there’s going to be a baby shower or business casual wine and cheese party. So when my buddy sent me this article on the transition from Dudescape to Dadscape, I decided to start a few posts about the transition. It was his warning that he wouldn’t be around much starting 9 months ago, and that our friendship would have to evolve or dissolve. And I’m fine with evolving (I think), cause I have enough friends to go barhopping with until the sun comes up, but not that many that’ll chill at home and watch HIMYM, drinking ginger ale.

My next post will be on how I’d like to be in Reykjavik with a bottle of wine on an iceberg, crying into my waterproof pillow when the clock strikes midnight on my 30th bday.


2 thoughts on “30 is the New 20 Part I: Dudescape to Dadscape

  1. Holy &^%. That is so f#$#ing true. The writer hit it on the head too. 3 is the magic number.

    “We all know what happens next. When baby makes three, the abrupt lifestyle change spells an end to these spontaneous expeditions.


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