Friday Fuckery: Hello Twitty

Happy first Friday Fuckery of 2010! Yes, I was remiss in posting Friday Fuckery last week on the 1st, cause I think it’s bad luck to drop the F-bomb on the first day of the new year. HA! Actually, I was too busy nursing a headache and watching the Lock Down marathon on msnbc. Did you know that lady prisons are nothing like Chicago?

Anyway, for today’s Fuckery, here’s a lovely new year’s pun involving our fave cartoon cat (besides Garfield of course), which is fitting — since I spent New Year’s Day acknowledging the pain in my sides and the important and courageous work my kindeys perform every happy hour, bottomless brunch, and Weekend’s Eve.

Reminds me of a charming little shirt I see at the vendor stands in New York, which makes me want to gouge out my eyes every time:

But please, don’t stop the HK punwear there…let’s keep a good thing goin! Holdin’ my breath for this one:

Hello Darlin’! HELLLLOOO Conway Twitty!



4 thoughts on “Friday Fuckery: Hello Twitty

  1. Hey! “Hello Kidney” is hysterical. I hope you won’t mind if I blog it with a link to your site. If you’d rather I not, just let me know and I’ll take it down, and I apologize in advance if it pisses you off. Thanks! Sarah


  2. Hey Sarah – no worries- blog/link away…although we can’t take credit for “Hello Kidney”..I think it was originally a T-shirt/internet meme. Thx!


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