Last Call at Poleng Lounge SF

I'll miss never having to wait in front (thanks Desi!)

Friday night felt like the last episode of Cheers. It was comforting to know there’d always be a place to drink and dance with fam, without the social pressure to meet girls or dress to impress. It simply was nice to go to a place where everyone did know your name. The cheap, always available parking across the street didn’t hurt either. With some of the most highly rated food in SF, Poleng had it all. So it saddens me to say that the last day of partying there was last Friday night, January 29, 2010. 3 and a half years of homegrown Filipino cooking and a splash of tapas plate servings of other Asian food, with a hint of hyphy and samba music. Last Friday marked the end of an era.

But for true fans of the crew that started Poleng, watch out, cause big things are coming in 2010. Plus, there’s always SOM Bar in the Mission, where everyone still knows our name.

Last Call at Poleng Lounge, can you spot AzN?


Friday Fuckery: Miterudake for Your Social Anxiety

A Japanese company has released a self-help DVD for shy/socially anxious types who need a little assistance in the romantic assertiveness (and eye contact) department.

Miterudake (Only Looking) for Lady” features clips of over 50 comely, boy-bandish lads staring into the camera and offering a reassuring  phrase, which is intended to help “Lady” overcome her shyness when being looked upon by boi.

The version for men has a similar format, albeit with a wider range of women – including – perhaps a bit disturbingly, an old meemaw and a  very young girlchild.

I don’t think I’d necessarily buy this for assertiveness purposes (my pally Stoli takes care of that for moi), but rather a romantical nite in the magical fantasy land of Cougartown. This version makes me think: “If Only”.

For you see, a “Miterudake for CBruhs” would need a few tweaks in order to reflect my reality. Instead of being gazed upon by PYTs with pleasing blowouts and sassy accessories, my video would feature ogling menfolk such as a gut-rubbing middle manager type, an over-emotive bum on the 6 train, and an angry, angry drag queen. And apparently because of this, I need a “how-to” video on making less eye contact with the general public.   

via Buzzfeed

Justin Lin Likes F’N with Me

Seriously Justin, you play with my feelings like she-who-shall-not-be-named an ex-girlfriend. You make Better Luck Tomorrow which started out great, but rabbit-holes into some crazy shit (AND you kill John Cho). Then you take hold of my favorite movie franchise to hate/love, Fast & the Furious, and actually make it tongue-in-cheek better. So what’s next? More indie Asian American films that’ll play only in Seattle, SF, LA, and NY? Or more commercial fare that’ll probably be crap/good and include random Sung Kang cameos? No, you decide to direct a TV show. Not just any show, but the best new show on the telly, NBC’s Community. You direct just two, and they happen to be the best two episodes of that show. Ever. But then you get nominated for an NAACP image award for the Halloween special. True, the reason why is mostly acting and writing, as you can tell from these clips from those episodes:

Interpretive Dance
Introduction to Statistics

but directing’s got something to do with it, no? And let’s not get into you casting BcB favorite Dustin Nguyen in Finishing the Game…

(quick sidenote: Does anyone else find it coincidental that Lauren Stamile, the Statistics teacher, is only in two Community episodes so far, both of which directed by Justin Lin, and was on Off-Centre with John Cho while Justin Lin directed John Cho in Better Luck Tomorrow???)

But now this. Just when I thought you couldn’t be beat. HIGHLANDER. GOD DAMN FREAKIN’ MUTHAFN’ HIGHLANDER. The smell of the VHS of Highlander is still fresh in my mind. The cover to Highlander II: The Quickening is still imprinted into my brain. And well, but the time Highlander III: The Sorcerer came out,  I was already hooked, despite the shitty TV show adaptation. Justin Lin, you are directing Highlander, and the only equivalent shock and awe and awesomeness I can compare this to is when I found out John Cho was gonna be Sulu in Star Trek. Yea, I said it.

So good luck Justin. And no, I’ll save the THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE LINE for another post when the movie comes out. I just ask you one thing. Sung Kang, long hair, long sword, not just a cameo, but a real role, a live forever role where he can kick ass for a full 2 hours before maybe getting his head chopped off. Nobly of course. Thanks, I’d appreciate it.

There can only be one ... Sung Kang in every Justin Lin movie.

J.D. Salinger Dies at Age 91 in New Hampshire

First it was Howard Zinn and now J.D. Salinger. Between Franny & Zooey and Catcher in the Rye, Salinger has been a significant part of most folks’ life, including mine. And I’d like to say I’m sadden by this day, but after watching the Salinger “based” movie, Winter Passing starring Will Ferral and Zooey Deschanel (guess where her parents got the name Zooey?), a part of me is pretty damn excited to see what 40-50  books great American story comes out of the farmhouse he’s been in secluded at for the past few decades.

And to folks going out tonight in WBurg, beware of those hipsters with a copy of Catcher in their back pocket. They’ll be drunk off of Jameson and High Lifes, and those steel bikes hurt when it comes to head on collisions.

Monks, Rhymes, and (Miller High) Life

Some Buddhist temples in Japan, facing potential closings, are using a few “unconventional” methods to boost attendance:
Vodpod videos no longer available.
What I wanna know is — to your average young folk in Japan — what do they think of this? Is it like Christian rock and rap in the US, which (in my opinion), strikes one as cheesy and suspect, perhaps partly due to its strong  underlying Evangelism? Or is it seen as a legitimate component of worship, like gospel and choir music in many African American churches?

Well, I don’t know what my Paw-Paw would make of this, but as a poorly-practicing Buddhist, I think it’s pretty boss. And any venue of worship that incorporates booze jibes nicely with my already devout regard for Jameson. Integrating bar and temple would definitely kill two birds with one martini for me.

But best thing about this by far is monk Kansho Tagai’s street moniker: “Mr. Happiness”. Recognize, Son!

Thanks Char Char!

Hello Kitty Bling Bling PMP

PMP stands for Portable Music Player (what else were you thinking?!). And the Bling^2 is cause its got all kinds of shiny. And Hello Kitty cause that’s what it is:

And in case you’re wondering, yes, its a real MP3 player licensed by Sanrio and made by iRiver. I don’t know when/how all this Hello Kitty madness will end. Maybe soon, hopefully not, probably never. But its safe to say Sanrio will stay iconic and since it reached the height of fine art, Hello Kitty will be with us for a long long time.