Ballers with Randoms

Although we’ve all switched to Facebook for our photo collections (how else can I tag friends making bad life decisions in public?), Flickr remains a great photo networking site cause you can collect other folk’s photos into one collection and share. Then you get something like Ballers with Randoms, a collection of basketball players taking candid photos with random women (not my words, theirs). There are gems like Channy Frye, 6’11”, and jump-suited to go with a women who might be considered a wood nymph in The Shire, if not for the fake UGGs:

I don't get the boombox fanny pack. But I want.

And of course, you can’t call us an Asian American blog without a pict of an awkward Asian bball player (Wang Zhizhi) doing his duties as an NBA spokesperson and posing with Heat cheerleaders at an event (unless he just accidentally wore the same Heat shirt as two random girls).

Wasn't this picture in Vice Magazine's Don't list as well?

So peep the site, and check out everything from the creepy (Pau Gasol looking drunk with a Sydney muscle T), to the strange (Gary Payton crooning to a wide eyed AzN girl), to the adorable (Dwight Howard going to prom with a cute AzN girl), to the regrettable (Chris Duhon giving lapdances).

Thanks to RyRy for this one.


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