BCB Best of 2009!

In a shamelessly self-indulgent exercise, BCB picked our 10 personal fave posts (for each other) from the past year. Take a trip down memory lane with us, won’t you? From Tiger’s blasian wandering wang to everything you needed to know about snagging a Vietnamese guy — share a chuckle, shed a tear, and wonder how you ever pissed 2009 down the drain reading this crap.

— Every girl needs a guidebook on How to Date a Vietnamese Guy, right? Hello? Anyone? (#1 Tip to being with a Vietnamese Guy by Sherdizzle).

— Only a native Oaklander can really give tribute to the Town (Oakland… Always in my heart by Sherdizzle).

— TV shows can be like relationships — bringing  escapism, obsession, and dysfunction into our lives. Ne’er was there such a roller coaster ride of emotion as The Wire (An Open Love Letter to The Wire) by Sherdizzle

— Voted “Yes” on Prop 8?……FUCK YOU!  (F*&K YOU Prop h8’ers Supporters! by Sherdizzle).

— Don’t we all need more cliched, “culture-inspired” couture? (Straight Out of Zoolander 2: Da Nang Surplus Couture by AZNHeartthrob)

— Tiger Woods defends his cheatin’ ways and explains the mechanics of multiculturalism (Where the White Women At? by Tiger Woods channeled by AZN)

— The DOs (hot Asian chicks chaperoned by white hipsters) and DONT’s (Asian men in general) of life, according to Vice Magazine (Vice Magazine’s DOs and DONTs: Asian Cutterz by AZNHeartthrob)

— Because only a native Asian from Seatown can rectify any stereotypes of partying like an AzN in Seatown (Ragin’ Asians in Seattle by Cbruhs).

— Because we all shed a tear when the copters flew the Bushes back to Texas and the Obamas rolled walked into Washington, and Cbruhs was there live (inaugurawesome by Cbruhs)

— Deep down inside, doesn’t every girl want to be with an Asian hip hop dancer and every guy want to date a White girl be an Asian hip hop dancer? (Fieldtrip with Me, Victor Kim by Cbruhs)


Have a bitchin’ 2010!


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