Go Team Whities!

Probably meant to convey the shear ridiculousness of how the Cleveland Indians, after 100+ years in existence, the Civil Rights movement and the taking of Alcatraz by Benjamin Bratt & Co, are still called the Cleveland Indians. Come on! The last thing I want to do is give props to Stanford, but in 1970 they changed the name of their team from the Indians to the Cardinal, for obvious reasons… Even my beloved Golden State Warriors replaced their mascots when they played in Philly. The Philadelphia Warriors replaced their mascot with whatever the hell they have today (Thunder?), back in 1962 when the team moved to San Francisco.

The Cleveland Indians, Stanford Indians, and Philadelphia Warriors. I can't believe the most offensive of the lot is still going on strong.

So hopefully, this hat from Hella Tight (out of Berkeley, California), in Cleveland’s own blue and red, will make those folks reconsider:

The Whities (gowhities.com):

They even have a real fake team!

Washington Redskins and Atlanta Braves, I’m looking at y’all too. And a little bit at the Fighting Irish.

thanks Jip.


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