Dear KBS America:

Maybe you didn’t understand my sarcastic tone when I asked you not to take my parents’ attention away while eating family dinners at home. You didn’t listen cause you did the exact opposite. Instead of making it more difficult to watch Korean drama shows and movies on the PC, you created KBS America. Whereas before, my parents had to rely on fan translations and downloading episodes from, you’ve not only brought over KBS into the American TV room, but you’ve translated everything and released shows practically simultaneously here and in South Korea. I’m not sure how simultaneously, but if I’m reading this right, the drama Iris came out in South Korea in October and was on KBS World by November. I would now like to provide a map for children of Asian parents who might be suffering from Korean Drama Addiction (KDA for short) to target your local cable providers to start V-chipping set-top boxes so parents cannot spend more than 10 4 hours a day watching dramas.

KDA infected areas. This condition is real folks.


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