21 Jump Street The Movie

Hopefully this will be better than the Miami Vice remake (which I actually liked), but the folks that made Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs are in talks to do a 21 Jump Street big screen remake. Looks like they’re pretty f’n serious about this cause Jonah Hill (yups, THAT Jonah Hill) is helping with the script/set to produce it.

Click for some 21 Jump Street action on Hulu.com

To Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the potential directors, I would like to formally submit my name for the role of Harry Truman Ioki. I am Vietnamese and I can grow my hair out. I can also wear blazers and look like a high school student. Please pick me. I’ll start re-watching 21 Jump Street episodes on Hulu now. I’ll be sure to skip the Richard Greco years…


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