There’s an Ap for That

Say you’re a White guy working in finance in WeHo and you end up marrying a Chinese wife who keeps her ethnic last name, Cao. Is it no surprise that you own an iPhone? I guess not.

Click for the full video from

Click for full video

And if you think I’m reading too much into this or how I know the guy holding the phone is White (Johnny Appleseed, generic Apple user extraordinaire), then we should meet up for drinks at BJs.


2 thoughts on “There’s an Ap for That

  1. Sorry to say this but you’re reading too much into this. It’s an advertisement to show off the iPhone’s features at any given point during its use. It could have been a MAN that he called his wife, and it wouldn’t made much of a difference [to me at least].

    I understand the white/Asian couple angle, I just think that it’s actually irrelevant for this one commercial.

    By the way, the link to the Apple video didn’t load. Maybe it’s because I’m using Google Chrome, and Apple doesn’t want Chrome users to see their videos? I viewed it via YouTube.


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