Dear UC Regents,

First of all, thanks for only charging me $x,xxx a year when I was attending Cal. I appreciate it, xoxo! I didn’t want to write in what I paid for undergrad in case this letter gets published, cause then I would anger folks going to UC schools nowadays. Whoops, did I only write in 4 digits? Damn, that gives it away huh?

The UC Regents, back when they were more diverse.

I also appreciate you finally not treating Architecture, Urban Planning, and Social Work as second rate grad degrees and finally making them “Professional” degrees alongside the Law, Business and Medical Schools. Wait, the only thing changing about a degree from the College of Environmental Design that makes it equivalent to one from Boalt, Haas, or UCSF is its name? You’re only changing semantics so you can increase the UC graduate student fees for the good folks at Wurster Hall by 230%? Does this mean it’ll be THAT much harder to go to grad school, especially low income folks, and obtain a “public” education? And now, if you want to get a graduate degree in Social Work, you’re gonna have to somehow find a six-figure job in… social work, to afford the degree?! Well its a good thing the UC system has a great loan forgiveness program like other private schools, otherwise I’d be in need money today… like everyday. A little loan from here also helps me survive the student life. But wait, you’re a public school system that costs almost as much as a private school!? Mother#*&(*@#&!*! Well, at least a PAC-10 team made it into the Rose Bowl this year… no?! DAMN!


One thought on “Dear UC Regents,

  1. Like my uncle Snoopy would say: “Chuuch!”.

    Good piece. It’s all Arnold’s fault. Not the “What u talkin’ bout, willis” type but the “Al b boc” type.


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