What is Dustin Nguyen Up to These Days?

AzN has always been a fan of Dustin Nguyen. He was the first Vietnamese American face I saw on TV and his roles in 21 Jump Street, Seaquest and, uhhhh, VIP are memorable to say the least. That is why I decided to start a series titled “What is Dustin Nguyen Up to These Days?” Or WIDNU2TD for short.

So what IS this baddass Vietnamese American mother-father up to these days you might ask? Some pretty big things. Riding the coattails of The Rebel, the DustMan is an international action movie star now, with movies based outta VN! His next movie? The Legend is Alive (or Huyền Thoại Bất Tử to my yietnamee folks)

The movie’s budget was a ridiculous (for VN) $580,000 production from sophomore director Luu Huynh.

“It’s another action/drama set in contemporary time,” said Dustin in an interview with Visual Communications, an advocacy group for Asian Pacific American media works. “I play a guy who was born a victim of Agent Orange and as a result, has the mental capacity of a ten-year old.”

Action plus commentary on the US’s international policies/war tactics and their effects on Viet Nam? hmmmm, muy interesante!

Stay tuned next time for info on the DustMan’s next big movie: Monk on Fire, his directorial debut.

And don’t forget to check out DustMan’s last movie/Vietnam’s first international hit movie: The Rebel, released in the US by The Weinstein Company’s Dragon Dynasty label (Netflix this ish, man!)


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