Notorious MSG: Apple Jackin’

My husbands the Notorious MSG — Down Lo Mein, Hong Kong Fever, and Hunan Bomb —  have just released their latest installment of Schoolhousin: a cinematic masterpiece dramatically illuminating the dangers of eating your roomates’ cereal.

So many lessons and timeless truths to be learned, and learned the hard way: apples are good and good for you — but not the same as Apple Jacks (much like OJ and Sunny D). Also, anytime edible items are being thrown at you, the best defense is to seize them with your mouth. Like Bruce Lee catching bullets in his teeth. Fruity, crunchy bullets.

And D-Lo, Fever, H-Bomb: my offer to be a fourth guest rapper/git-downer/air drummer still stands. Also, I live right above one of your favorite Chinatown hood haunts. You will be mine. Oh yes…you will be mine.


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