Japanese Subway Etiquette: A Universal Language

Gotta love these polite yet subtly sarcastic Japanese subway ads:

Hey pal, wanna blast those bis and tris? Well I’m standing here with your ass in my face — if you would be ever so kind,  please do that shit at Gold’s.

Yo lovers, I’m glad you’re all in love and shit, and express that love by baking each other heart-shaped cookies like a stalker or 2nd grader might, but I’m an old dude with a broken heart and oh! – looky here! – a broken appendage. Please give up your seat, you cruel, callous assclowns.

Wha- hey! Are you puking on my shoes? Please do that in the comfort of your own bed. And the ass in the air thing — same goes.  And don’t bother to offer me a beer either, Rude.

Geez these ads would be helpful in New York — on the JMZ to be precise. Looks like the pattern behaviors of subway discourteousness are the same the world over. Kumbaya, assholes!

via copyranter


2 thoughts on “Japanese Subway Etiquette: A Universal Language

  1. I like the two “please refrain from putting on make up” posters. the before/after one and the magical eye lash contraption ones.


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