African American Comedies vs. British Comedies

Always been a fan of African American comedies (Coming to America? Classic. This Christmas with Chris Brown? Still enjoyed it). Also a big fan of British comedies (Spaced, Red Dwarf, Coupling, Ab Fab, and anything Simon Pegg to name a few). So the opportunity to have them go head to head is a rare opportunity. Check out Death at a Funeral. The  2007 British Frank Oz version vs. the Chris Rock version coming out in Spring 2010. And tell me which one you think will win (I’m betting on Tracey Morgan, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Danny Glover, Uhuru, and Cyclops).



(I’ll forgive the Jackie Chan reference, but why’s it always gotta be Jackie Chan???)


One thought on “African American Comedies vs. British Comedies

  1. well, the black version is dealing with one extra issue: race!

    “our father was bro-man-tically involved, with a guy that could fit in his pocket, and your mad cause he’s white?!”

    and looks like they got a sweeeeeet cast.


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