Hmong Sacramento Hmong

Fate. It happened last time when I somehow ran into a clip of Ricebunny online. And it happened again this week when I was trying to find a UMYO remix of Chris Brown/T-Pain’s dance version of Freeze. I searched for “UMYO” and ended up with in my searches (swear). 1 hour later, I’m writing this post.

Watch this video and tell me what your initial thought was (and I’ll tell you mine):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Was it all the hot girls? No, not really (but I’ll be damned if I didn’t add, “daaaaaaammmnnnnn”). Was it the pretty costumes or the production value of the video? Surprisingly, no. This video is the best example I’ve seen of Asian American folks speaking their native language and then sprinkling English words in. Going from a language with wicked tones and inflections and dropping it all to speak the mundane English words in between. It was all mesmerizing. Sure we all do it, but I’ll be damned when I heard: “Hmong-Hmong-Hmong-Fresno-Hmong-Hmong-Hmong-Hmong-Hmong-Express Auto Body and Paint-Hmong-Hmong-California”. MESMERIZING. Now I know what it feels like when a White dude hears me say “Hom qua toi di dai o chen duong Broadway va Clifton” (free McCain Hates Gooks t-shirt to the first person to translate that in the comments).

Added bonus: Peep the production value in the previous year’s Miss Hmong California pageant vs this years. I think one of the sponsors, Express Auto Body and Paint maybe (?), threw some extra money at the pageant for some good videographers.


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