America’s Best Dance Crew What?

We at BcB have always prided ourselves for being the most informative source of ABDC news among all the Asian American blogs (we will battle anyone that thinks otherwise). But since ABDC has sucked the past few go-arounds, what to do? Luckily for us, there’s the League of Extraordinary Dancers, and they look damn good:

So why are we so into this stuff? Is there even an Asian American angle? Well, other than the fact that I do like Filipinos dancing (as Lil Mama would say), this new crew is the brainchild of John M. Chu, Asian American director of Step Up 2 the Streets. In between that movie and now, he’s been doing YouTube videos with “battles” between his crew and, uh, Miley Cyrus (I guess he knows his demographics). I’ll forgive him for that, but only because the crew’s choreography is done by “The Other Asian” from Glee and Step Up 2 the Streets, Harry Shum, Jr. So what now? Are they doing a show with these folks or is this a one time thing on So You Think You Can Dance?

PS. Kid Rainen from Jabbawockeez is on the crew, as well as three of my future ex-wives.

Thanks RyRy!


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