Asian Americans Take Over Silicon Valley Local Government

It what can only be described as a long time coming, Cupertino, California, home of Apple Corp, Donut Wheel, and the worst BJ’s Brew Pub ever, finally has a majority Asian American City Council. Growing up in the South Bay, you would have thought the home of every East Asian folk I’ve ever known in my life would have tipped AsAm years ago, especially since there’s only 5 seats. I should note that this doesn’t make the city any more diverse versus other South Bay cities, cause Cupertino will continue to be mostly East Asian and White folks. And this doesn’t mean it’s all love and peace there either. Cause I don’t think they’ll ever get over the White vs Asian mentality that’s been poppin since before I can remember, whether it was a local government issue or whether the 15 valedictorians at Cupertino High were majority Asian or White.

But for now, I wanna thank Cupertino for joining the other two Cali cities with majority Asian American City Councils: Westminster (pronounced Wet-Min-Tur) and Monterey Park (Duh).

Also, quick big ups to Evan Low for becoming the youngest Asian American mayor in America! He is also the youngest gay mayor in the US.

The South Bay has done come up! Take THAT San Francisco!

Thanks Gil!


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