Chinese Factory Worker Study Finds BPA Tied to Impotence

This article was forwarded to me from my Moms, consistent with her tendency to send me all things DON’T!/STOP!/STRANGER DANGER!/TOLD YOU SO!–related.

A Kaiser Permanente study found that Chinese factory workers near Shanghai, who are exposed to high levels of the controversial plastic chemical bisphenol A (BPA), were at significantly higher risk of sexual dysfunction than Americans or Chinese in the general population. In other research, BPA has also been tied to birth defects and reproductive abnormalities in fetuses and young children, as well as increased risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart arrhythmias.

BPA = Man Shame

BPA, which is used to make hard, clear plastic and epoxy resin, is found in electronic and medical equipment, cars, sports safety equipment, and food and drink containers, including plastic bottles and the lining of cans. 

Image from Environmental Working Group

Chemicals industry representatives have challenged the relevancy of the study, saying that BPA exposure levels are much higher for factory workers than for the average consumer (uh…so I guess all’s well and good  for us 1st World consumers then — who cares about those poor bastards producing our goods?).

Still, I’ll take Mom’s advice on this one (and heed her general paranoia about not trusting the gub’ment or big business) and store my grub in a glass bowl from now on.  We will still, however, be showing up to your BBQ with a gallon-sized Tupperware. We just won’t nuke up the the leftovers in it.

Thanks Mom!


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