Taiwanese CGI Cracks Tiger Woods Case

I’ve been finding this whole Tiger Woods Mistress/Car Crash scandal rather overblown, tacky, and a bit damned depressing. I kinda thought this “Cablinasian” was perfect, or at least wholesome enough to be above all the E! celebrity hullaballoo, ya know? Maybe I just don’t wanna know that this untouchably gifted cherubface is susceptible to “sexting” and boinking some drag-queenish, collagen-inflated bimbo just like every other skanky mortal man. O!, how the mighty have fallen. Bummer.

But if you think the whole car accident and golf club-wielding-wifey rescue is a bit fishy, ponder no more, as this CGI re-enactment made for Taiwanese news provides a dramatic (and realistic!) play by play:

Simply…magnificent. Well, I dunno about you fellas, but I’m convinced. Taiwanese CGI Detective Agency: Case closed!

Thanks Meg!


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